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Identify in a few steps your investment profile, get your appropriate investment solution with the most cost-efficient banks - and save time & money!

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 do not on fuzzy costs & fees

Without Bankentracker
Without Bankentracker
Without bankentracker you are missing an overview of the relevant fees of several banks thus you'll never know where you stand in a cross-comparison.

With Bankentracker
With Bankentracker
With bankentracker you are able to easily identify the most cost-efficient banks, tailored to your profile. In some cases there can be savings potential of several thousands of Swiss francs per year!

What our clients say

Fernando G.
Independent Asset Manager
With bankentracker I could not only save costs, but also plenty of time, because I didn't have to request different banks and study their complex tariff catalogues. With bankentracker I have been delivered with all the relevant results within just a few minutes.
Cristina S.
bankentracker does not compare fees and tariffs randomly, but the ones that are relevant and tailored to the users investment profile. Thats why only the appropriate banks and investment classes will be showed up.
Eduard M.
Project Manager
bankentracker shows me these banks, that match with my individual needs. Tailored to this profile I get an actual comparison of all relevant costs and fees in the Private Banking business.

How it works

How it works
1. Complete survey
Bankentracker identifies your actual investment profile, therefore the comparison can be done concretely and individually tailored to your needs.
How it works
2. Buy results
The evaluation happens completely independent and non-binding. Our clients are able to save more than CHF 500.- per year, if they change to a more cost-efficient bank that is being showed in the report.
How it works
3. Find appropriate Bank
No matter, which requirements you have towards a bank - we provide a comprehensive overview. If you are considering a replacement of your bank relation, we can support you with the necessary formalities.

Why Bankentracker?

Financial experts suggest:

Challenge as many banks as possilbe. Why not all of them?

Do not rely on the advice of only one bank. With bankentracker you can easily compare fees and costs of various private banking institutes - fast, independent and tailored to your needs. Set up your investment profile in the blink of an eye, get your personal investment solution with the most efficient banks - and save time & money!

  • Completely anonymous and non-binding
  • Saving thousands of Swiss francs in costs and fees
  • Tailored to your needs
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Seek savings potential free of cost

Identify in just a few steps your investment profile, get your appropriate investment solution with the most cost-efficient banks - and save time & money!