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Eduard M.
Business Analyst

bankentracker shows me the appropriate banks that match with my personal needs. Tailored to this profile I get an actual comparison of all the relevant costs & fees within private investments.

Cristina S.
Vice President

bankentracker does not just compare the costs and fee's of different banks, but provides the user with an individual investment profile, so that the appropriate banks and investment classes apply.

Richard G.
Asset Manager

bankentracker enabled me to be very efficient in my decision-making, because I didn't have to apply for the terms & conditions of different banks in order to study them. Within just a few minutes I received the relevant results.

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See advantages - Find out how to save costs

Using bankentracker you are able to obtain an actual cost & fee summary of the local present and appropriate banks, thus completely non-binding and anonymous.

With bankentracker it is possible to save thousands of CHF of excessive costs & fees over the next years.

With bankentracker you get an actual investment profile with the therefor most cost-efficient banks.

Use bankentracker and find in just a few steps the most appropriate and cost-efficient banks.

bankentracker enables you to a straightforward transition of your bank account.

  1. Get your personal investment profile.
  2. See the comparison and the ranking of the Banks.
  3. Find the most appropriate bank.
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