Frequently Asked Questions

You'll get a non-binding comparison of different banks, tailored to your requirements. For each bank you'll see the total costs and the possible savings potential, always compared to the most expensive bank.
Yes, by pressing "compare fees" you can go through the questions and get your possible maximum savings potential (in CHF). Then you can still decide if you want to see the results showing all names of the banks, so you have to pay the one time fee or if you want like to start the survey again. As long as no payment is done, the survey can be gone through several (unlimited) times.
The detailled report shows all relevant costs & fees within the private banking & asset management for several swiss banks; namely custody & administration fees, brokerage fees, transaction fees for funds (own/third party funds), investment mandate commissions.
This is completely up to you. You either consult your actual bank and ask for special conditions or you close your banking relationship completely and change to a more efficient provider. In that case, bankentracker can support you with an effective transformation.